The role of the CAA Niagara Board of Directors

The mandate of the CAA Niagara Board of Directors is to steward the organization on behalf of Members and policyholders, and to enhance the long‐term value created for Members. Members elect the Board to oversee management and to ensure that the long‐term interests of CAA Niagara stakeholders are advanced responsibly. The Board Governance Committee shall ensure that the Board of Directors implements and maintains an effective and efficient approach to corporate governance. Pursuant to Bylaws the Committee, in consultation with the Chair, shall be responsible for recommending nominees for Directors, for evaluating the performance of Directors, and for reporting on corporate governance issues.

The CAA Niagara Board is accountable to enact effective governance practices and to provide supervisory oversight in critical areas including:

• Developing the corporation’s approach to governance.
• Review committee charters.
• Annually review its bylaws.
• Recommending issues and the Board’s annual cycle, including strategic planning.
• Assessing and evaluating the Board, including the assessment of the effectiveness of the
• Board, committees and individual Directors.
• Overseeing Board renewal, succession, skill set determination and nomination.
• Recommending Board compensation.
• Developing performance measures.
• Reviewing the Corporation’s health, safety and environmental management systems.
• Providing Directors with orientation and education.

In discharging its duties, the Board is subject to the provisions of the Society Act and the Constitution and Bylaws of CAA Niagara.

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