Mobile Tire Service: Frequently Asked Questions

Will the service technician get my tires out of my house, garage or shed? 
Our service technicians are unable to enter any house, basement, or shed to retrieve tires. Tires may be stored in a garage; however, they must be stacked inside the large garage large door. Our technicians cannot enter a garage loft to bring tires down.

Can my service be performed in my garage? 
We prefer the vehicle to be parked outside with a minimum of three metres (10 feet) of space between the vehicle and other obstructions. We will only perform the service in a garage if the weather is inclement and there is adequate room in the garage to perform the service safely.

Will there be any damage to my driveway? 
Our service technicians are extremely careful to not cause any damage to your driveway. In the rare situation that damage does occur, CAA Niagara will address each situation accordingly.

Can I have the service performed at my workplace? 
Yes, we can perform the service as long as you have written permission on company letterhead from the business owner. Tires must be at the location and three metres (10 feet) of space between the vehicle and other obstructions.

Will I have to reschedule my service due to poor weather conditions? 
We are able to perform tire changes in most weather. In extreme weather conditions, such as thunderstorms or high winds, we may need to reschedule in order to keep our technicians safe.

Does CAA Niagara provide a tire storage service? 
CAA Niagara does not currently provide tire storage.

Do I need to make sure my driveway is clear of snow? 
Yes, your driveway will need to be clear of snow and ice for our technicians to safely change your tires.

Where do I park my vehicle for the service? 
The vehicle must be parked outside with a minimum of three meters (10 feet) of space between vehicles or other obstructions. With safety in mind, vehicles must be parked in a driveway or parking lot, not on the street.

Do I need to be present for the service to take place? 
Yes, you will need to greet the technician before the service is performed and complete the payment at the end of the service.

Can I get my tires swapped on the weekend? 
Yes, weekend appointments can be booked based on calendar availability in your area.

My driveway is on a slope, can the service be performed there? 
The service technician will have tire chocks, so as long as the slope is not extreme there should not be a problem.

I only have street parking, will that be a problem for performing the service? 
Due to the safety of our technician, we will not perform the service on a street. Alternative arrangements must be made by the member for a safe location and the tires must be present with the vehicle.

How do I pay for the service? 
Payment will be processed by the technician once the service is complete. We accept debit, Visa and Mastercard.

How long will it take to swap my tires? 
We allow 1 hour for a tire swap.

Do I need to be a CAA Niagara Member in order to get my tires swapped? 
Yes, this is a Member-exclusive service. 

Will the technician reset the sensor after the service is complete? 
Yes, the technician will reset the tire sensors before completing the service as long as the set being installed has sensors.

What kinds of vehicles will you work on? (i.e. passenger vehicles, commercial vehicles, trailers, RVs, campers, etc) 
We can change tires on 4-wheel passenger vehicles only. We cannot service commercial vehicles, trailers, RVs or campers.

Will a tire swap count as one of my CAA road service calls? 
No, it will not count against your call allotment.

What size of wiper blades do service technicians carry? 
Mobile Tire Technicians carry TRICO 28” 26” 24” 22” 21” 20” 19” 18” 16” wiper blades. 

Please note: CAA Insurance recommends you wait until April 15, 2021 to change your winter tires. Click here to view your CAA Insurance Automobile Policy.

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