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  Perfect for anyone who stays close to home and wants the benefits of Membership Coverage for anyone who loves road trips, discounts, and long-distance commuters Extended coverage, benefits, and discounts for frequent long-distance travellers
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Membership Pricing* $77/YEAR



Add Additional Members for From $47/YEAR From $47/YEAR From $47/YEAR
Add RV and Trailer coverage   Yes Yes  
    Add RV Coverage
An additional $93/year
Add RV Coverage
An additional $126/year
Annual Towing Allowance 5 Primary Member Calls       4 Associate Member Calls
Towing Distances1 10km 250km x 4 calls
10km x 1 call
500km x 1 call
250km x 3 calls
10km x 1 call
Battery Boost & Mobile Battery Services2 Yes Yes Yes
Mechanical Adjustments Yes Yes Yes
Flat Tire Service & Repair Yes Yes Yes
Vehicle Lock & Key Services YesUp to $50 YesUp to $100 YesUp to $100
Winching / Extrication YesSingle service vehicle YesSecond service vehicle YesSecond service vehicle
Emergency Fuel Delivery3  
Free delivery only
YesFree delivery & fuel YesFree delivery & fuel
Motorcycle Coverage Light services only
(Battery boosts, air, fuel)
Yes(Towing & light services) Yes(Towing & light services)
Bike Assist for Cyclists Yes Yes Yes
Drive You Home Program Yes Yes Yes
Save big at thousands of retailers across North America by showing your CAA Membership card Yes Yes Yes
Earn CAA Dollars when shopping online Yes Yes Yes
Exclusive Event Presales & Discounts Yes Yes Yes
Member Exclusive Community Events Yes Yes Yes
Home & Auto Insurance Discounts Yes Yes Yes
Members save up to 20% on premiums with CAA Home & Auto Insurance
Personal Accident Insurance Yes Yes Yes
Members receive $1000 of complimentary coverage
Theft & Hit-and-Run Rewards Yes Yes Yes
Legal Defense Reimbursement4 Maximum $50 Maximum $100 Maximum $100
60 Minutes Prepaid Long Distance Calling     Yes
Accident & Ride Assist     Yes
Member Exclusive Travel Benefits Yes Yes Yes
Travel Medical Insurance Discounts Yes Yes Yes
Members save 10% on CAA Travel Insurance
Free Passport Photos Yes Yes Yes
Maps, TripTiks & Tourbooks Yes Yes Yes
Trip Accident Assistance5 Up to $300 Up to $500 Up to $2000
(accident or breakdown)
Two Day Car Rental with Tow     Yes
Worldwide Emergency Travel & Medical Support     Yes
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Your Family Plus Membership includes:

  • CAA Plus coverage as listed above, for yourself and up to 5 additional Members living in the same house
  • $10 Ultimate Dining Card just for signing up
  • For more information visit

* Plus HST, and applicable convenience fees on Monthly Payment Plans
1 In any direction from the point of breakdown
2 Mobile Battery replacement services are available free of charge with the purchase of a CAA Battery
3 Fuel included in Plus & Premier level Memberships will be enough to transport the vehicle to the nearest service station
4 Valid on traffic offences only
5 When involved in a reportable collision more than 160km from home and towing is required

For further details about any of the benefits listed, consult the CAA Member Benefits Guide or the CAA Niagara Premier Handbook.

Family Plus Membership refers to one Primary Plus Member and up to five Associate Plus Members. All Members must reside in the same household and be 16 years of age or older. All Members are entitled to four Emergency Roadside calls per membership year with up to 250 km of towing per call. Primary Members are entitled to an additional call with up to 10 km of towing.

Individuals purchasing a Family Membership must enroll in Monthly Payment Plan, which divides the 12-month membership into 12 equal payments and automatically charges the credit card on file at the beginning of each month. Existing Members may switch to the Family Membership at time of renewal. One Ultimate Dining Card per household. Dining card available for first membership year only. Cannot be combined with any other offer or discount. Valid in Niagara only.