We proudly serve more than 150,000 Members

CAA Niagara employs more than 170 drivers, travel agents and administrative staff, to serve more than 150,000 Members in the Niagara Region. We provide our Members access to an ever-expanding range of useful and reliable services that give Members peace of mind - from your own backyard to just about anywhere your wanderlust takes you.

We operate under the guidance of a Board of Directors, who ensure continued financial viability and the fulfillment of CAA Niagara's strategic direction on behalf of its Membership.

Generations of CAA Members

Our history in Niagara runs deep

CAA Niagara traces its roots to 1911, when 16 Niagara residents formed a club to help owners of a new invention known as a "horseless carriage." For the past 100 years, CAA Niagara has remained committed to the original goals of the club - improving road safety, serving the community and advancing automotive technology.


Some key dates in our history:

  • 1911 - 16 car enthusiasts held the first meeting of the St. Catharines Automobile Association.
  • 1913 - CAA pioneered road safety signs across Ontario
  • 1922 - With more than 35,000 automobiles now on the road, we petitioned for the creation of a trans-Canada highway
  • 1926 - Emergency Road Service was introduced as a service for Members
  • 1937 - Concerned with the safety of children, we created a School Safety Patrol program to protect children from injuries at school crossings
  • 1959 - CAA introduced its oval emblem
  • 1960 - As a leading voice for road safety, CAA Niagara supplied its Members with seatbelts that met new standards.
  • 1961 - The St. Catharines Ontario Motor League changed its name to CAA Niagara
  • 1977 - CAA Niagara purchased Willard Towing, a leading Niagara towing company
  • 1980 - As Member demand for travel services grew in the 80’s, branches were opened in Niagara Falls, Welland and Grimsby.
  • 1990 - We opened our new headquarters on Schmon Parkway. in Thorold.
  • 2001 - CAA Niagara reached it’s 100,000th Member
  • 2023 - CAA Niagara reached it’s 150,000th Member
CAA Niagara - Ontario Motor League
CAA Niagara - Schmon Building
CAA Niagara at Niagara Falls
CAA Niagara - Willard Towing

Affiliate Clubs across Canada and the United States

Today, CAA Niagara belongs to a federation of nine clubs collectively serving more than six million Members through over 140 offices across the country. Making the Canadian Automobile Association (CAA) one of the largest consumer-based organizations in Canada.

We are also affiliated American Automobile Association (AAA), ensuring our Members have peace of mind wherever the road takes them across Canada and the United States.

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