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CAA is always your go-to for safety information and protection, and online safety is no different.

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90% of CAA members are online daily for various activities, so we understand the importance of privacy and personal data protection. Nobody is immune, and chances are, you know someone who has been hacked, scammed or victimized by online fraud.

CAA and cyberconIQ can offer proven and patented methods designed to "patch" your human vulnerabilities and to help you Stop, Ask, Verify, and Engage!


Uncover your personal risk style with cyberconIQ's free myQ questionnaire

Did you know that your personality style can impact your vulnerability to online scams? It's time to uncover your personal risk style with our free myQ questionnaire. By understanding your unique online style, you'll gain valuable insights into how to stay safer on the internet!


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What's Included?

Our free exclusive member benefit offers a comprehensive approach to keeping you safe online. Here's what you can expect:

  • Avoid Cyber Threats: Learn how to recognize and steer clear of online scams and cyber threats that could compromise your privacy.
  • Password Power: Discover better password techniques and get expert tips to create strong and secure passwords that hackers won't crack.
  • Protect Your Identity and Finances: Gain essential knowledge on safeguarding your personal identity and financial data in the digital realm and more!

All of this is delivered through a fun, engaging and personalized cybersecurity program tailored to your online style. No two individuals are the same, so why should your online safety education be?

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Discover Your Online Style:


Unlock the door to your personalized cybersecurity education program by taking our quick and easy questionnaire that only takes 5-10 minutes. Once completed, you'll embark on a journey filled with interactive activities and lessons designed to enhance your online safety, both at home and at work. Each module will take just 5-10 minutes of your time.


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