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Adventure awaits, with the CAA Solo Travellers Club

Travelling solo doesn't mean travelling alone. With the Solo Travellers Club you can travel the world and share the adventure with a group of like-minded people who love to travel and experience new things.

Whether you're comfortable venturing out on your own, prefer travelling with only a small handful of friends, or want to explore the world as part of a large guided group, a Solo Travellers Club agent can help you book and prepare for your next dream vacation. Our vacations and excursions will introduce you to a wide range of travel options and destinations you may not have considered.

Upcoming Solo Travellers Club Tours

Ready for your next adventure? We've created designated Solo itineraries, which are perfect for travellers who are looking for a more structured vacation. All you have to do is arrive with your passport in hand.


August 13, 2020
From $1,199/person
September 11, 2020
From $10,569/person

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Frequently Asked Questions


Would you like to know more about the Solo Travellers Club? Check out some of our most frequently asked questions.

Who is a Solo Traveller?

Solo traveller’s do not fit one mold and are not necessarily single individuals. Solo travellers can be individuals who are on their own, married with a partner who doesn’t travel or feel more comfortable traveling in a group atmosphere.


What is the Solo Travellers Club?

The Solo Travellers Club is a social community of like-minded individuals of all ages with a shared interest in travel. The group is organized through CAA Niagara and is committed to finding the best travel opportunities for Solo travellers. This includes researching and creating tours with low or no single supplement making solo travel more affordable. Whether you are on your own, married with a partner who doesn’t travel or feel more comfortable in a group, travelling solo doesn’t mean travelling alone. Join the Club to receive invitations for social events, local and international tour information specific to solo travellers and join a community with a shared travel interest!


Do I have to be a CAA Member to join the Solo Travellers Club?

No, you do not have to be a CAA member to join the Solo Travellers Club. Although, becoming a member can have added incentives and exclusive member-only benefits for select tours. Learn how to become a Member >>.


What type of social events does the Solo Travellers Club have?

Our Solo Travellers Club social events fall into two categories; Solo Socials or Meet Me There. Both events give solo travellers the opportunity to meet other club members and is a place to interact in-between tour departures.

Solo Socials are larger formal events usually in the spring and around the holiday season. These evenings offer fun, food, information and an opportunity to meet others, exchange contacts and share travel stories.

Meet Me There events are less formal; and could involve a fun activity or meeting at a local restaurant to socialize with other club members. Some events may be limited in numbers due to the venue or location size. Sometimes there are costs associated with our events, these vary, and fees simply cover the cost of the activity/meal that is included. Check out the CAA Events page for up-to-date information and to RSVP.


Do I need to travel alone to go on a group tour with the Solo Travellers Club?

No, you do not have to travel alone to join a Solo Travellers Club Tour. Although the tours are geared towards solo individuals, passengers are more than welcome to have travelling companions.


What is the activity level of the tours?

The activity level varies depending on the itinerary as attractions and activities are unique to each destination. The Tour Activity Level Ranking is featured on each tour. The definition of each activity level is listed below; Level 1: Must be able to walk short distances, including steps. Level 2: Must be able to walk 20 minutes, including steps. Level 3: Itinerary blends some longer days with shorter days. Walking slightly longer distances, upstairs or on uneven walking surfaces should be expected.


Am I able to have my own room?

Yes, sometimes it’s more convenient and comfortable to have your own room. Our tours provide the option for single accommodations. Single accommodations can be limited depending on destinations and accommodations.


Interested in sharing accommodations?

Fun and compatible travel partners and travel buddies are sometimes a missing link to the perfect vacation. Through Solo Connections we try to connect individuals wishing to share. Let your travel agent know if you are interested in sharing accommodations.


What is the average age demographic of a group tour?

Our groups often experience a good combination of ages, everything from travellers in their mid-40s to those aged 60 and over depending on the destinations itinerary and activity level.


Are the Solo travellers mainly women or men?

Depending on the destination our groups average roughly 80:20 female-to-male. The groups dynamics are constantly changing, and new members are joining every week.

Upcoming Solo Travellers Events

Get to know your fellow Solo Travellers through social events, attend a tour presentation or get in a quick single day local adventure with a Solo Travellers Club event.

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Fish and Chips

Meet Me There: Doc Magilligan’s Irish Pub

February 4, 2020 | 5:30 pm

A taste of Ireland in the heart of Niagara!

Lakeview Wine Co.

Meet Me There: You Dessert It

March 5, 2020 | 5:00 pm

Uncork and unwine with the Solo Travellers Club during this delicious tasting at Lakeview Wine Co. boutique.