Education is the key to driver safety

Whether you’re taking the wheel for the first time or coming to the driver’s seat with a wealth of experience, a driver training program can ensure that you have the skills and knowledge to be a safe and responsible driver. 

Driver education trainer and student

AAPEX Driving Academy*

Since 1988, AAPEX Driving Academy has been teaching their students the importance of collision prevention through their government approved driver education program.  With their variety of course offerings, AAPEX grows with the driver from their first day at the wheel through to their G road test, and even offer a Senior refresher package.  

CAA Members save $15 on a Driving Education program and 30% on a Senior Refresher program at AAPEX Driving Academy.

*AAPEX Driving Academy is owned and operated by CAA Niagara. To learn more about this thrilling partnership, please read our press release.


Novie driver training student

Novice Driver Training

Reaching driving age is a major milestone for many teens … and for their parents, too.  Along with the excitement and anticipation, comes a whole new level of responsibility.  Driver education classes can provide new drivers with the knowledge, skills and experience needed to keep the roads safe.      

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Seniors Driving

Senior Driver Education

Seniors are some of the most experienced drivers on the road and many have a spotless record, however, aging can cause changes to vision, hearing and reaction times which may impact driving skills.  A senior drivers education course makes it possible to evaluate any age-related changes and teach participants how to adapt accordingly.

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