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CAA Niagara is a not-for-profit membership organization serving the Niagara Region. Founded in 1911 as the St. Catharines Automobile Club with just 16 members, CAA Niagara has grown to over 137,000 Members with offices in Grimsby, Niagara Falls, St. Catharines, Thorold and Welland.

CAA Niagara offers full-service Travel, Insurance, and Roadside Assistance, as well as the comprehensive CAA Rewards Member discounts and savings program.

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If you do edibles, do anything but drive, CAA Niagara says

NIAGARA, ON (September 17, 2020) – The side effects of cannabis can be extremely dangerous when behind the wheel, which is why CAA Niagara wants to remind those ingesting edibles t

CAA Niagara announces “Big Boost” for community partners

THOROLD, ON (07/08/2020) – CAA Niagara has partnered with 18 local organizations to ensure essential servi

CAA Niagara announces Community Boost recipients and offers help to Niagara charities

THOROLD, ON (April 20, 2020) CAA Niagara is excited to announce the recipients of its 2020 Community Boost funding: Food4Kids Niagara and the Foundation of Resources for Teens (FOR

Majority of Canadians unaware of new air traveller rights

NIAGARA, ON (December 13, 2019) More than half (56%) of Canadians still don’t know they have new rights as air travellers, according to research released today by the Canadian Auto

Improved rights for Canadian air travellers are coming

The Canadian Automobile Association (CAA), one of Canada’s largest leisure travel agencies, is pleased that some new air passenger rights will finally be in place this summer but is disappointed th