Senior Drivers

Canadians are living longer, and driving longer

CAA Niagara is here to help you maintain your driving skills. With help from the Canadian Medical Association and the Canadian Association of Occupational Therapists, a toolkit has been designed to help seniors assess their driving skills.

Senior Driers in front of their car
Senior Driving Seminar

CAA Senior Driving Seminars

CAA Niagara hosts regular Senior Driving Seminars to provide Niagara’s mature drivers with tips and tools to stay safe behind the wheel.  These seminars include presentations from AAPEX Driving Academy and the Ministry of Transportation of Ontario. Stay tuned to our events page for upcoming Seminars. 

Online Driving Assessment for Seniors

In approximately 45 minutes and with the help of a partner to assist with some of the test, you can complete this interactive online assessment to test a variety of visual, mental and physical conditions that can affect driving, such as leg strength and mobility, vision, and reaction times.

Access Your Skills

Senior Drivers Booklet

Safe driving begins with you. Canadians are living longer, which explains why we’re also driving longer. As the baby boomers retire, the number of senior drivers on the road will increase too. More experience is a good thing and so is awareness of some age-related changes that can affect driving skills.

Download the Booklet