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CAA Magazine comes out four times per year and delivers informative stories on car reviews. travel destinations, outdoor activities, home trends and more. It's also a great way to stay up-to-date on all the latest CAA Niagara news, offers and benefits.

CAA Niagara Magazine
CAA Magazine - Winter 2023

Winter 2023

Celebrate Winter!

Archived Editions

CAA Magazine - Fall 2022

Fall 2022

Drive into Fall!

CAA Niagara Summer 2022 Magazine

Summer 2022

Have the ultimate summer adventure with CAA by your side!

CAA Magazine Spring 2022 Edition

Spring 2022

Fresh ideas for spring. Bike rides for beginners, garden like a pro, and become an ecotourist.

CAA Magazine - Winter 2022

Winter 2022

Celebrate Winter! Explore luxurious rail travel expeditions, thrilling cold-weather activities, and more!