Giving back

Corporate giving

CAA Niagara has a strong history of improving the lives of people in our region. Over the past few decades, CAA Niagara has donated everything from Jaws of Life to fire departments to mini tow trucks at the Niagara Safety Village.

In 2018, CAA Niagara decided to pool its donations and large sponsorship dollars to fund a new, more focused corporate giving program, now known as CAA Niagara Community Boost.

corporate giving
community growth

The Community Boost Program

In 2019, CAA Niagara will select two Niagara charities to receive a $10,000 donation. In addition to the initial financial contribution, CAA Niagara will promote the chosen charities through a variety of channels which include the CAA Magazine, social media, community events, and a wrapped flatbed truck, all encouraging our 133,000 Members to provide support through a "text to give" program. 

Based on feedback from CAA Niagara Members and CAA Niagara staff, preference will be given to charities dedicated to the following: community safety, seniors programming, children, social services and mental health. 

application process

How to apply

Interested charities must submit a proposal to CAA Niagara no later than March 15, 2019. Application forms can be downloaded, completed and must be uploaded via the online form below to be considered for funding.

community boost selection

Selection Process

Applications will be reviewed by a panel of CAA Niagara staff including all levels and business units within the organization. Selected applicants will be notified before March 31.

Apply for Community Boost Funding

The application form must be downloaded, completed then uploaded via the online form to be considered for funding.

Important note: Applications are no longer being accepted. Selected applicants will be notified before March 31.