Consumer Email Policy

CAA Niagara sends emails to our current and past Members as a communication and informational tool. We also send out promotional emails regularly, as we believe it to be the best way to let Members know about rewards and savings, contests, exclusive travel offers, and Members-only savings on insurance products.

CASL Compliance

All email communications sent by CAA Niagara will be compliant with Canada's Anti-Spam Law ("CASL"). Canada's Anti-Spam legislation covers many types of electronic communications, including how Commercial Electronic Messages (CEMs) may be sent and received in Canada. CASL requires that all electronic messages are sent with the consent of the recipient, clearly identify the sender, and include an unsubscribe mechanism.

Further details about CASL are available at

Implied and Expressed Consent

As a Member of CAA Niagara, when you supply us with your email address we believe you would also expect us to contact you to advise you of new and existing services and benefits being offered by CAA Niagara and its partners that may be of interest to you. In compliance with CASL, the existing business relationship with our Membership grants "implied consent" for these types of email messages. As this consent extends for two years from the last transaction, CAA Niagara removes all past Members with implied consent from our mailing lists two years after Membership expires.

CAA Niagara will additionally ask Members for "expressed consent" at certain points of contact, such as contest entry and event registration. To grant expressed consent we will ask for a positive and explicit indication that you would like to receive email communications from CAA Niagara and our partners. Expressed consent does not expire and allows us to continue to send you promotional emails from time to time, unless you choose to unsubscribe from the mailing list.


All email messages sent by CAA Niagara will clearly identify our business name, physical mailing address and contact information, including the names of any partners we may be sending messages on behalf of.

Subscriptions and Email Preferences

CAA Niagara honours the requests of recipients of our email messages. Each email message sent by CAA Niagara will include a link to a webpage to manage your email preferences or unsubscribe from all future mailings. If you receive a newsletter or email and decide you would no longer like to receive that type of message, simply click the Manage Email Preferences or Unsubscribe link in the footer of the email.

Additionally, Members have the option to manage their email preferences at any time through the following methods:

Members who unsubscribe from our promotional email list will still receive emails when a transaction has occurred or is required; such as Membership renewals, travel plans and confirmations, and insurance purchases. This type of communication is not considered a Commercial Electronic Message.

Questions and Concerns

CAA Niagara keeps complete records of how and when implied or expressed consent was obtained. If you feel you've been sent unsolicited email and would like to register a complaint, please contact our Chief Privacy Officer at the following address:

Chief Privacy Officer
CAA Niagara
3271 Schmon Parkway
Thorold, Ontario
L2V 4Y6

Phone   1-800-263-7272



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