CAA slow down road safety signs

Help keep our communities safe.

Distracted driving and speeding are both pressing issues within our neighbourhoods. These behaviours are putting everyone on the roads and walkways, as well as children at play, in danger.

In an effort to encourage safe driving practices on residential streets, CAA Niagara, in collaboration with its local municipal partners, is offering “Slow Down Please” lawn signs to residents of Niagara. When placed in a visible area, such as a front lawn, these signs serve as a safety reminder for drivers.

You don’t have to be a CAA Member to obtain a sign. Stop by any of CAA Niagara’s Branches

Pick up your lawn sign at your nearest CAA Branch.


CAA Niagara Thorold
3271 Schmon Pkwy
L2V 4Y6
CAA Niagara Grimsby
155 Main Street East
L3M 1P2
CAA Niagara Niagara Falls
6788 Thorold Stone Road
Niagara Falls
L2J 1B4
CAA Niagara St. Catharines Branch
221 Glendale Avenue
St. Catharines
L2T 2K9
CAA Niagara Welland Branch
800 Niagara Street
L3C 5Z4

Important Tips for Lawn Sign Display

CAA Niagara offers one sign per household, on a first come first serve basis, free of charge to residents of the Niagara Region.

  • In selecting a suitable location to install your sign, please ensure that it is: on your private residential property; visible to oncoming traffic; not obstructing driveways, roadways, intersections, sidewalks or walkways; not obstructing a driver’s, cyclist’s or pedestrian’s line of vision; be inserted into the ground using the wire frame only; set-back a minimum of 1 meter from a sidewalk, the curb or the edge of the road; placed as supplied and without further illumination or the use of reflective tape.
  • Please check your local bylaws for lawn sign installation rules and regulations before placing signs on your property.
  • To avoid seasonal wear, do not leave your signs out during months of bad weather.
  • If your sign gets damaged, please visit your local CAA Niagara Branch to obtain a replacement sign, while quantities last. Signs can also be obtained at select town/city halls within the region. Please contact your local municipality to inquire.
  • Please dispose sign materials safely after use. The sign board (made out of coroplast) must be placed in your garbage. The metal stake is recyclable.
  • Once you have obtained a sign, it is your property and your responsibility.
CAA Slow Down lawn signs. Important Tips for Lawn Sign Display

The CAA Niagara Road Safety Lawn Sign initiative is held in partnership with the Town of Lincoln, the City of Niagara Falls, the City of Port Colborne, the City of St. Catharines, the City of Thorold, the Township of Wainfleet, the Township of West Lincoln and the Niagara Regional Police Service.

While quanities last. One lawn sign per household. First come first serve.