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With flexible payment options, there's never been a better time to join

Whether you'd prefer to make a one-time payment at time of joining, or have your membership dues automatically charged to your credit card annually or monthly, you can select the payment method that is easiest and most convenient for you.

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Automatic Renewal

Enroll in Automatic Renewal and your membership dues will be automatically charged to the credit card on file at the beginning of each membership year. In addition to being the most convenient choice, allowing you to rest assured that your coverage will never lapse, Automatic Renewal entitles you to a one-time $10 savings when you enroll. You are under no obligation and can opt out of the program at any time during the membership year without penalty.

Monthly Payment Plan

If you'd prefer to pay your membership dues on a monthly basis, no problem. Our Monthly Payment Plan divides your 12-month membership (plus a $1 + HST per month convenience fee) into 12 equal payments, which are then automatically charged to the credit card on file at the beginning of each month. You can opt out of monthly payments at any time during your membership year – just pay the remaining balance and we’ll remove you from the program.

Get your Membership online today and save $12

A CAA Membership protects you in any vehicle, whether you're a passenger or driver. Get all of the great benefits of Membership plus save the $12 enrollment free, just for signing up online.

By choosing to pay by either Automatic Renewal or monthly payments, you authorize CAA Niagara to charge your credit card for the amount due. Every year, at renewal time, CAA will send you a billing statement to remind you of this arrangement and show charges (if any) to amounts for the coming year. If you enroll in Automatic Renewal, you may opt out at any time during your membership year without penalty. If you elect to pay monthly, you can opt out at any time during your membership year, however you must pay the remainder of your dues at the time of opt-out. The $10 savings for Automatic Renewal is one-time, per household.