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Solo Travellers events are a great way to get to know fellow Solo Travellers and include tour presentations as well as single-day local adventures. Our Solo Travellers social events fall into two categories; Solo Socials or Meet Me There's.

Solo Socials are larger events, these evenings offer fun, information and an opportunity to meet others and exchange contacts.
Meet Me There events are less formal, involving a fun activity and may be limited in numbers due to the venue. Fees may be associated with events, which simply cover the cost of the activity and/or meal that is included. 


Meet Me There: 9-Hole Golf

Solo Travellers
August 4, 2020 | 9:00 am

Join fellow solo travellers for a tee-rrific day at Chippawa 9-hole golf. The Chippawa executive course is the perfect balance to the larger Legends on the Niagara courses.