Mobile Tire Service
Mobile Tire Service

Contactless service

Get your tires swapped right in your driveway! Rain or shine, seven days a week.

Affordable price

Seasonal tire swap starting at $49+HST for Premier Members. Have a second vehicle? Get it done the same day for an additional $39+HST.

Trusted technicians

Automotive technicians are trained and equipped to change tires quickly and safely – virtually anywhere!

Windshield wiper blades

TRICO® Windshield Wiper Blades

Robust, heavy-gauge wiper element paired with ruggedly constructed armor, TRICO® blades are built to last. Members can now add a windshield wiper blade replacement to their mobile tire service appointment. CAA Niagara Technicians offer a wide range1 of TRICO® wiper blades that will meet your needs.

Have your pair of TRICO® blades installed for only $30.97+HST, or three blades for only $44.25+HST. Members can also replace a single rear window blade for only $17.70+HST.

CAA Niagara PLUS GoWrench

Trusted Automotive Service Professionals

For over 4 years CAA Niagara's trusted tire technicians have been servicing the automotive needs of our Members. This year, we have partnered with GoWrench Auto Mobile Mechanic and Tire Technicians to better serve our Members across Niagara.

Book your Mobile Tire Change service online and enjoy the convenience of having your tires swapped at home or the office, rain or shine, seven days a week.


Premier Member
+ HST for first vehicle

Plus Member
+ HST for first vehicle

Basic Member
+ HST for first vehicle

Your tire change appointment includes swapping your seasonal tires, washer fluid top-up, and a quick inspection.


Some things to know before your technician arrives:

  • Your tires must be mounted on rims and stored either in your vehicle, beside your vehicle or easily accessible in a garage
  • The technician will bag your tires, check tire pressure, reset pressure sensors (if applicable) and do a quick inspection of your vehicle
  • Driveway must be clear of debris, ice and/or snow
  • Following the service you’ll receive a vehicle inspection report highlighting services performed and noting inspection results

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Book a second vehicle for the same day for an additional $39+HST

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Change your tires 7 days a week, with a technician you trust

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Time Saving
Swap your tires in under an hour with no waiting in line at a garage or dealership
Cost effective
Pay your technician with debit, Visa or Mastercard right at your front door
Trained mechanics
Automotive technicians are trained to work safely on any vehicle, in almost any weather

Service fees will be processed by the technician following the service. A fee of $30.97+HST for a pair, $44.25+HST for three, or  $17.70+HST for a single rear window blade will be processed by the technician following the service. Accepted payment methods include debit, Visa and Mastercard.

Blades offered are of the following sizes: 28” 26” 24” 22” 21” 20” 19” 18” 16”.

Tire changes are currently only available to active CAA Niagara Members. Tires must be mounted on rims and easily accessible to the technician, either beside your vehicle or stacked just inside your garage.

Wiper blade replacement is an add-on service, and can only be scheduled with a Mobile Tire Service appointment. 

If the service is being performed on a commercial property, it is the Member’s sole responsibility to acquire written permission on company letterhead from the business owner / landlord before the service is performed.

The Member must remain on-site for the duration of the service.

Repair suggestions made by the technician, as indicated on the Vehicle Inspection Report, are intended as recommendations only. The Member should follow up with a certified licensed technician at their garage following the service.

CAA reserves the right to refuse service in the event a vehicle or its tires are in a condition that the technician, in his/her sole discretion, deems unsafe or against ministry standards.

The Member is liable for the safety of the technician while he/she is on the Member’s property. The Member must take whatever steps are necessary (i.e. shovelling snow, removing ice, removing obstacles, etc.) to ensure their property is safe and clear of hazards. CAA reserves the right to refuse to perform a service on any property that they deem to be unsafe.