CAA Niagara - Road Safety

Road Safety for all Drivers, Cyclists, Pedestrians and Emergency Responders

Since its inception, CAA has passionately encouraged the development and management of road infrastructure that will keep traffic moving efficiently and safely. This vision recognizes the need for adequate public investment in modern transportation infrastructure and technology, with road and highway networks as a core component. We never forget that better-engineered roads are also safer roads, for all who travel on or beside them.

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Share the road

Share the Road with Cyclists

Niagara offers some of the most scenic cycling In Canada. With so much traffic on the road, it’s important that motorists and cyclists work together and understand their roles and responsibilities and share the road.

CAA Niagara, in partnership with the Regional Niagara Bicycling Committee, produced more than 1,000 “Share The Road” decals for municipal vehicles as part of the Share the Road Campaign.

Heading (H2)

Slow Down, Move Over - It's the Law

Drivers are to treat tow trucks the same as they would police, fire or ambulance. Drivers approaching an emergency vehicle with lights flashing must slow down and, if safe to do so, move over.

The fine for not complying with the law is a minimum of $490 along with three demerit points.

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Towing Bill of Rights

Consumers have rights when they need a tow. Download the Towing Bill of Rights to know what you are entitled to when receiving roadside assistance.