DIY Arts and Crafts Supplies

Create your own work of art

May 27, 2021 | 6:00 pm

Niagara-made string art pieces handcrafted by you. Simply put, string art involves the use of string which is wrapped between nails hammered in a pattern on a base board. Do It Yourself Kits give you the chance to be a string artist with the help of an easy to follow template, supplies and virtual instruction class.

The DIY kit includes: 

  • wood (14x20cm)
  • design template
  • nails
  • string
  • sandpaper 

All you will need is a hammer!

Workshop will take place over zoom. Kits are available for curbside pick up at the CAA Thorold Office on May 26th and 27th between 9 am-12 pm noon. Please reach out to arrange another time if necessary.

Sample of finished craft