CAA Insurance Coverage Enhancements
CAA Niagara Insurance - Service Line Coverage

Service Line Coverage¹

Service Line Coverage protects you from losses due to damage or failure of underground lines by extending your home insurance coverage to underground piping, wiring, valves and more. If you have CAA Home Insurance, you're eligible to receive Service Line Coverage for as little as $17/year.

By adding this coverage to your homeowner policy, you can get protection against damage to your underground service line that is a result of a failure in this line. Problems that can occur include: wear and tear, rust, corrosion, decay, deterioration, defects in the line, freezing, collapse of the line (not including sinkhole collapse) and electrical, mechanical or pressure systems breakdown. These repairs average $6,000 per occurrence.

Heavy rainwater overflowing eavestroughs

Water Coverage¹

Water can come from anywhere – a dripping tap, an overflowing bathtub or even a blocked toilet. But these things are fairly easy to remedy. The real problem arises when issues like sewer backup or floods occur. This can cause severe damage and cost thousands of dollars to repair. CAA Water Coverage is a comprehensive insurance product that combines multiple aspects of water damage, such as flooding rivers, heavy rainfall or sewer backup.

Only some forms of water damage may be covered by home insurance policies. Usually, “sudden and accidental discharge of water,” such as damage caused by a burst pipe, is covered. You may also be covered for a sewer backup if you have this endorsement on your policy (it’s an optional coverage). Comprehensive water coverage, until very recently, was not available to homeowners in Canada.

  1. You are insured against sudden direct physical loss or damage to insured property, as defined in your policy, caused by:
    1. flood;
    2. ground water or rising of the water table;
    3. mudflow;
    4. surface water; or
    5. the backing up or escape of water or sewage within your dwelling or detached private structure through a:
      1. sewer on your premises;
      2. septic system on your premises; or
      3. sump located within your dwelling or detached private structures; or
      4. drain located within or on your dwelling or detached private structures
  2. Mass Evacuation expenses, as defined in your policy, if resulting from an Insured Peril covered under this endorsement.

This endorsement does not cover loss or damage caused directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, by:

  • spray, waves, tides, tidal waves, storm surge, tsunamis, seiche, escape of salt water from any natural or man-made watercourse or body of water, ice or waterborne objects, regardless of any other cause or event that contributes concurrently or in any sequence to the loss or damage;
  • continuous or repeated seepage or leakage of water whether from natural or man-made sources;
  • landslide or any other earth movement; and
  • occurring while the dwelling is under construction or vacant, even if we have given permission for vacancy

Coverage can be added to your existing home insurance policy or if you don’t currently have a policy, you can call for a quote or click here.

All CAA Home Insurance policyholders with sewer backup coverage will automatically be upgraded to CAA Water Coverage at no additional cost until your renewal.

CAA Water Coverage offers the following enhanced protection in addition to sewer backup:

  • Overflow from a nearby lake or river
  • Surface water caused by a sudden weather related event
  • Rising of the water table or ground water entering your home from a point which is below grade

All CAA Home Insurance policyholders with sewer backup coverage will automatically be upgraded to CAA Water Coverage at no additional cost until your renewal.

The cost of coverage is determined by the limits of coverage, deductibles and location of your property. You can reduce the cost by selecting a higher deductible. Installing risk mitigating devices, such as a backwater valve, sump pump or water detection device may also reduce the cost.

CAA Niagara Insurance - Home Equipment Breakdown

Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage¹

Protect your electronics and appliances against unexpected mechanical, electrical or pressure-system breakdowns with our comprehensive and affordable coverage. Home Equipment Breakdown coverage from CAA Insurance protects the equipment you depend on every day, including kitchen and laundry appliances, heating and cooling systems, personal computers and more. If you have CAA Home Insurance, you're eligible to receive Home Equipment Breakdown coverage for as little as $29/year!

When would Home Equipment Breakdown coverage help me?

  • Green coverage: If your equipment requires replacement, we'll replace it with a similar unit that features an Energy Star rating. It's better for the environment, safer and more energy efficient.
  • Off-premises coverage: You'll be covered up to $10,000 for loss or damage to covered property resulting from a covered "Equipment Breakdown" while temporarily at a premises or location that is not a "described location".
  • Living expense: You'll be covered if your home becomes uninhabitable and you have to stay at a hotel while your equipment that experienced a breakdown is repaired or replaced.
  • If repairs exceed replacement costs, your equipment will be replaced with a similar unit.

Bundle your auto & home insurance and save

Bundle your CAA Auto and Home Insurance and receive a 5% discount on your auto insurance, and up to 12.5% on your home insurance.

Plus, receive CAA Tire Coverage2, complimentary coverage for tire repairs and replacements due to damage caused by a road hazard.

CAA Niagara Home & Auto Insurance

Complimentary coverage when you bundle your auto & home insurance:

CAA Niagara Insurance - Tire Coverage

CAA Tire Coverage²

When you insure both your auto and home with CAA Insurance you receive complimentary CAA Tire Coverage. The coverage provides protection for up to four tires on your existing vehicle(s), including winter tires, and includes tire replacements and repairs (up to $25/tire repair) due to road hazards.

1Underwritten by CAA Insurance Company, Claims administered by Mutual Boiler Re.

2Tire Coverage is underwritten by CAA Insurance Company.

CAA Insurance Company respects the privacy of its customers in accordance to its Privacy Policy. A copy of this policy can be obtained at