CAA Insurance Coverage Enhancements
CAA Niagara Insurance - Service Line Coverage

Service Line Coverage

Service Line Coverage protects you from losses due to damage or failure of underground lines by extending your home insurance coverage to underground piping, wiring, valves and more. If you have CAA Home Insurance, you're eligible to receive Service Line Coverage for as little as $15/year.

By adding this coverage to your homeowner policy, you can get protection against damage to your underground service line that is a result of a failure in this line. Problems that can occur include: wear and tear, rust, corrosion, decay, deterioration, defects in the line, freezing, collapse of the line (not including sinkhole collapse) and electrical, mechanical or pressure systems breakdown. These repairs average $6,000 per occurrence.

CAA Niagara Insurance - Home Equipment Breakdown

Home Equipment Breakdown Coverage

Protect your electronics and appliances against unexpected mechanical, electrical or pressure-system breakdowns with our comprehensive and affordable coverage. Home Equipment Breakdown coverage from CAA Insurance protects the equipment you depend on every day, including kitchen and laundry appliances, heating and cooling systems, personal computers and more. If you have CAA Home Insurance, you're eligible to receive Home Equipment Breakdown coverage for as little as $29/year!

When would Home Equipment Breakdown coverage help me?

  • Green coverage: If your equipment requires replacement, we'll replace it with a similar unit that features an Energy Star rating. It's better for the environment, safer and more energy efficient.
  • Off-premises coverage: You'll be covered up to $10,000 for loss or damage to covered property resulting from a covered "Equipment Breakdown" while temporarily at a premises or location that is not a "described location".
  • Living expense: You'll be covered if your home becomes uninhabitable and you have to stay at a hotel while your equipment that experienced a breakdown is repaired or replaced.
  • If repairs exceed replacement costs, your equipment will be replaced with a similar unit.

Complimentary coverages when you bundle your auto & home insurance:

CAA Niagara Insurance - Tire Coverage

CAA Tire Coverage

When you insure both your auto and home with CAA Insurance you receive complimentary CAA Tire Coverage. The coverage provides protection for up to four tires on your existing vehicle(s), including winter tires, and includes tire replacements and repairs (up to $25/tire repair) due to road hazards.

CAA Niagara Insurance - Legal Expense Insurance

Legal Expense Insurance

When you insure both your auto and home with CAA Insurance you receive complimentary CAA Legal Coverage. With Legal Expense Insurance you can rest easy knowing that you're only a phone call away from a lawyer and will receive coverage for all reasonable legal expenses incurred while pursuing or defending a covered claim.

Bundle your auto & home insurance and save

Bundle your CAA Auto and Home Insurance and receive a 5% discount on your auto insurance, and up to 12.5% on your home insurance.

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