Interactive Distracted Driving Event asks Niagara drivers to focus on the road

THOROLD, ON (June 24, 2016) Niagara drivers will get a first hand glimpse of the dangers of distracted driving at this weekend's Interactive Distracted Driving Event hosted by CAA Niagara and the Seaway Mall.

The event aims to teach drivers how to stay focused on the road. Industry experts and community partners, including the Ontario Provincial Police, Niagara Regional Police Service, Regional Niagara Road Safety Committee, Ministry of Transportation Ontario and AAPEX Driving School, will be present to bring awareness about distracted driving.

Distracted drivers are three times more likely to crash, said CAA Niagara's President and CEO, Drew Chamberlain. Distracted driving doesn't just mean texting while driving. It can include listening to music too loudly, unsecured pets, eating and drinking, adjusting vehicle controls and passenger conversations. This is an opportunity for us to educate the community on how they can do their part to increase road safety.

The event will be held at the Seaway Mall and feature:

  • An interactive driving simulator
  • AAPEX Driving School activities, like trying to walk in a straight line with "drunk goggles" on 
  • The Ministry of Transportation Ontario's new #PutDownthePhone Campaign
  • Public Service Announcements from local high schools
  • "I Pledge Not to Text and Drive" wall for participants to sign
  • Prizes, including a Free AAPEX Driver Education Course and Seaway Mall Gift Certificates

Whether you are a novice or experienced driver, this interactive event will teach you how to stay focused, said Seaway Mall's President, Mike Belcastro. We are proud to be a partner with CAA Niagara for the Distracted Driving Event happening this weekend. With great activities and prizes, the event will be informative, fun and a great way to get our message across.

Event Details:

Friday, June 24, 4 - 9 p.m. in the Seaway Mall Cinema Court
Saturday, June 25, 9:30 a.m. - 5:30 p.m. in the Seaway Mall Centre Court



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