Slow down and move over when you see flashing amber lights

THOROLD (August 22, 2017) – As part of Tow Safety Week, CAA Niagara is adding bright yellow "Slow Down Move Over" flags to all 40 trucks and is taking an industry lead by distributing these flags to other towing companies across the region.

Tow Safety Week started yesterday and ends this weekend. The bright yellow flags will be a visual reminder for drivers to slow down and move over.

"Regardless of the vehicle type, when you see amber lights flashing, drivers need to slow down and move over," says Peter Van Hezewyk, president of CAA Niagara. "This is an opportunity for all of Niagara's towing providers to speak together with one voice. We all want our drivers to get home safe to their families."

Tow Safety Week acknowledges the two-year anniversary of changes to the province's Slow Down, Move Over (SDMO) law. Across North America, nearly 100 tow truck drivers are killed every year after being struck by oncoming traffic while helping stranded motorists with flat tires, breakdowns and collisions.

Last year, the Ontario Provincial Police laid 44 charges in the Niagara Region under Ontario's Slow Down Move Over law. The rate is increasing as the O.P.P have already laid 34 charges this year in the Niagara Region. The law includes a fine of $490 and three demerit points. To learn more, visit

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Public Relations Coordinator
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CAA Tow Truck Driver with Slow Down, Move Over flag