Woman being assisted by a pharmacist
Woman being assisted by a pharmacist

CAA Members receive free Travel Consultations at Pelham Hills Pharmacy - Pharmasave

Prepping for your next big vacation? Make sure you book a FREE travel consultation with Pelham Hills Pharmacy - Pharmasave

Meet with a pharmacist to discuss applicable travel health risks based on your area of travel (i.e. insect transmitted illness, traveller's diarrhea, vaccines, hepatitis, etc.)

Call (905) 892-5550 to book your appointment today. Consultations are available
Tuesday 3-5 PM & Friday 2-4 PM via telephone or in-person.

COVID-19 testing and compression stock fittings require a visit to the pharmacy. Ask for more details.

Pelham Hills Pharmacy- Pharmasave

Important Information

All appointments should be booked a minimum of 4 weeks prior to travel. This will help ensure that you have the best and safest possible travel experience as all consultations, testing, medications, and vaccinations would be completed before your trip!

Before Your Appointment:

After booking your consult appointment, please have the following information ready at least 24 hours before your appointment:

  • All travel details including departure & return dates, specific destination(s), planned activities, dining, accommodations.
  • Medical history (please include any allergies).
  • Current medication list (including all non-prescription supplements).
  • Immunization records (if available).

At the appointment:
The pharmacist will personalize your travel health recommendations including precautions, required vaccines, medications and compression stockings for prophylaxis or treatment based on your travel details and medical condition(s).

After the Appointment:
After your consult, a prescription request will be sent to your family physician for any vaccines or medications that may be required.  

Please present any private insurance coverage to the pharmacist prior to processing of any prescription(s) needed for travel as your coverage may pay for some or all the vaccine, medication and/or compression stockings costs. 

CAA members will have the $20 injection fee waived for their prescribed vaccine(s).