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December 31, 2024

Tickets purchased in branch now comes with an online redemption code so you can enjoy the benefit of knowing you've got a great seat before you even arrive at the theatre!

We’re all about making movie-going easy. Say goodbye to "that seat’s for my jacket." "Nope, that one’s for my friend." "That one? My friend’s friend who texted she might be coming." Landmark Cinemas' no extra charge Reserved Seating lets you pick the perfect seat – for you and all your friends' friends – for a hassle-free, movie-going experience. Relax, your seat is waiting.

Tickets Regular Price
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CAA Member Price
+ Taxes
Single: One Adult Ticket



Adult Combo: 2 Adult Tickets, 2 regular soft drinks, 2 regular popcorn. $40.64 $31.00
Child Combo (3-13 yrs): 1 Child Ticket, Snack Pack: popcorn, drink and candy treat. $15.06 $12.50
Redemption Instructions

Ticket coupons are available for purchase at CAA Niagara Branches located throughout the region and can be redeemed at any Landmark Cinemas location.

Terms & Conditions

Prices subject to change without notice. In the event of a difference between the price listed online and the price given at a Branch, the Branch price will be taken as correct. Prices are in Canadian Dollars.